“It’s not only money… It’s freedom.” - Lifestyle Agency

“It’s not only money… It’s freedom.”

What is the motivation to work as a strip dancer? What is the added value of this profession? Why it’s better to work with the agency rather than hustle yourself for the next landing spot on the world map?

We asked these questions to dancers with a lot of experience and also to girls who just started in this industry. Real dancers. Real answers.

“Hey! You probably expect me to tell you that it’s money, right? (laughs). Of course, money is important and no one is working for free, but you know what’s more important for me, why I work in this industry for more than a year already? Freedom. I feel free. I can schedule my own working months and months when to spend time with my family and friends. A family is very important for me and I want to spend enough time with my closest ones… What I would not like is to work for, let’s say a year without a vacation. That’s not for me.”

“I really like to travel and this job allows me to choose where I want to travel next. I can choose which country I will see. Basically, I can see the world and earn money at the same time. It’s a great feeling! Various countries, various cultures… I meet people, learn from them. People are different and I think that each and everyone can teach us something. During my travels, I see how really different people are, how different their priorities are, how different they view life. They help to find majesty and essence of the country because people make it unique.”

“I have acquired a lot of new acquaintances and some very close friends thanks to this job. They are not only colleagues with whom we work together, but also people I meet outside of clubs”

“Language. Definitely, have improved my English and German. Now I feel free while talking to people because I can express myself better. I have broken the language barrier so to speak. Right now I’m thinking which language to learn next!”

“It’s simple – I just really like to dance! (laugh)

I like when appreciates my skills and my body. On top of that, salary high enough to keep doing what truly enjoy wholeheartedly!”

“With agency? It’s a simple and obvious choice. Agency knows where it’s gonna be better and more comfortable for you. Of course, you can stumble on “self-titled experts or specialists” who pretends that they know everything, but I have been lucky with the agency I chose in that regard…”

“How to say it best… If an agency has experience with a certain club that you have chosen, they can provide you with much more information than you can find on your own. They will follow that you end up in a safe place and that is very important for me. Also how serious and prestige is the club. I would never choose an underground club that looks shady at the first glance already. I want to protect myself from these things, that’s why I choose to work with someone who knows better”

“Sometimes when you arrive in a club something does not click for you for various reasons. The staff does not fit right with you, disagreements with the rest or some of the dancers or all of a sudden, club change rules which you don’t like. That’s the moment when I appreciate my relationship with an agency. They are able to help you mentally while listening to you and giving their advice and also they help to sort things out with the club management. Worst case scenario they would find you a new club in the same city and you can keep working. On top of that, it’s safe.”

“In this industry, it’s very important to protect yourself from unpleasant surprises!”

“It’s important that you can rely on someone. You can go back to someone in case of uncertainty. Someone who can answer your questions and help you, someone to ask for advice.”

“I’m very capricious with high requirements on everything. On me, others, workplace, and agency as well. I have a whole list with criteria that I want to see in next club I’m gonna dance in. Agency is helping me to find the most suitable place for me. Sometimes I wonder how are they still standing me! (laughs)”

We make our decisions based on our own reasons. A lot of times something that’s important for others, might not be that important for you. Our thoughts and opinion make us unique. Only with an open mind and broad view we can accept and understand each individuals point of view, needs, and priorities. Not everyone can.

We try to.

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