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We pay you while working for you!

Lifestyle Agency works for you – helping you get started abroad, in the best strip clubs worldwide! Your destination may be Denmark, Finland, United Kingdom, Norway, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Estonia, Crete, Cypres, Los Angeles, Louisiana, New Zealand, Australia or Tokyo!

I’m afraid there is no romantic story to tell. We are a couple of guys from Europe who started this agency as a side project and slowly but surely realized that we are kinda good at this. So we left all our other endeavors and started to do this full time. Our mindset is to seek for problems to solve and value to offer beyond a simple booking for dancers. So interviewing dancers we thought might be one of the ways to do that. Another project that we think might bring some value to this industry is to offer an affiliate system for dancers, where we share our commission profits with dancers and dancers can earn extra passive income that way. Of course, goes without saying that we are very hands-on and involved with the bookings as well. If it’s not a great fit, we will say so and pass on commission. We see it as the only way for a long term success.





Start living a life you have always dreamed of!

Highly paid work for young people, women, the best European nightclubs! We are looking for both striptease dance and girl hostess posts.

  • Basic salary + incremental allowance, which amounts to 3’000-10’000 per month
  • Paid living, health insurance
  • Formal employment with a contract of employment, taxes are paid
    Extensive growth opportunities
  • Opportunity to travel around the world!
  • Requires English or German language proficiency at conversational level.

Applicants are requested to send CV + foto to and we will contact you within the next 2-3 days!

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